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hands-on business development support

Support from Strategy to Execution

Download our "Boosting New Market Entry" document for further information.

One of Quintaxiom's main areas of activity is providing hands-on business development support to its clients on a part-time basis.

Often these clients are early stage technology ventures looking to establish their initial entry into a market or SMEs seeking to enter a new market.

For these clients Quintaxiom's part-time business development service offers the following key benefits:

  • Access to experienced business development resource without having to make a full time employment commitment

  • Ability to explore opportunities in a new market without distracting the core business development team

  • Ability to exploit an existing network of industry contacts in a range of sectors

In addition, clients have benefited from having general access to resources with considerable experience of product development, business management and technology commercialisation.

Quintaxiom's client engagements are typically long term relationships where we act as an integral part of the client team, providing near full-time availability to both the client and its customers whilst only fulfilling a part-time role

If you would like to explore how we can support your business in establishing traction in new markets then please get in touch.